GP claim

GP claim

The role of a general practitioner (GP) is varied and includes indentifying and treating medical conditions as well as identifying when you need referring to a specialist. Injury and unnecessary suffering can stem from a failure to identify the seriousness of an illness or failure to refer a patient to a specialist in a timely manner.

Making a complaint

You can make a complaint to your GP surgery under the NHS complaints procedure by writing a letter to them explaining what has happened. However, please note that compensation cannot be recovered through the complaints process. You should receive an explanation for the treatment that has been provided, and your concerns should be addressed. You may be offered an apology or a meeting at the surgery to discuss your complaint further. You should make a complaint within 12 months of your injury (although the surgery may still consider it after this time). You can bring a complaint and investigate a claim for compensation with a lawyer at the same time.

Should you suffer an injury whilst being treated by a private GP, they should have a complaints process that is similar to the NHS scheme. You should ask them for details of their complaints process.

Types of claim relating to GP treatment

Claiming compensation for GP negligence

If you believe that your GP has provided substandard treatment and you have consequently suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. To discuss this, please contact one of the specialist medical negligence lawyers listed on this page, who will be able to advise you on your options.

Specialist GP lawyers

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